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Best PG in the NBA: John Wall?

In a recent interview with Chris Mannix on the Dan Patrick Show, John Wall was asked where he ranks at his position. "I rank myself the best", Wall responded. That's good to hear for Wizards fans but is it really realistic? To me, he's not even a top 10 PG in the league. He has the potential to be top 5 but right now, he's clearly not the best. There are some guys ahead of him like Rose,Paul, Westbrook, Rondo, and maybe young guys like Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving. Let's compare his stats with other point guards in the league. Here are the numbers. 

PPG: 6th among PG's (18.5 PPG)

APG: 6th among PG's (7.6 APG)

RPG: 5th among PG's (4.0 RPG)

SPG: 17th among PG's (1.3 SPG)

TPG: 3rd most among PG's (3.2 TPG)

These are his numbers from last season and don't look like #1 PG numbers. It's always good to have confidence but not too much to the point where you can't live up to what you say. I'm not saying he can't be in the future. I'm simply saying that for right now, he's not. He's going into his 4th year so there is plenty of time for him to show what he's got on the court. Also, this time, he's fully healthy. 

Comment on where you think he ranks among PG's. I do not own the photo. 

NBA- Must Watch Games

The NBA schedule came out a couple of days ago for the 2013-14 season. Here are the MUST WATCH games (in no particular order): All times are Eastern, pictures are not mine. 

Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat: October 29th 8:00 PM on TNT

Its opening night in the NBA! This game has some big headlines with the Heat getting their rings and their rival Bulls in town. Also, Derrick Rose's return in his first regular season game since he injured his ACL on April 28th, 2012. 

New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets: December 5th 7:00 PM on TNT

Its the battle of New York! Both of these teams have a huge chance of leading the Atlantic division and also beating the Heat. 

San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat: January 26th 1:00 PM on ABC

It's a rematch of the 2013 NBA Finals that went to 7 games where the Heat were crowned as champs. This game will give us a look at how the "old" Spurs now compare to the Heat. 

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers: February 19th 10:30 PM on ESPN

Dwight Howard returns to LA! After a really disappointing season with the Lakers, Howard went to Houston but on Feb 19, he returns to play them. I'm interested to see how the fans respond. Will Kobe be back by then?

OKC Thunder v Houston Rockets: December 29th 

This game will be interesting as we'll see which team can win the West. Also, last time Westbrook played, it was against the Rockets when he tore his meniscus when Patrick Beverley lunged at him. 

Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics: January 26th 6:30 PM on ESPN

These teams switched a lot of their players and Pierce and Garnett will return to Boston. How will the fans react? How will both the teams play? 

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers: December 10th

These two teams played each other in the ECF last season, but now they look a little different. The Heat added Greg Oden and the Pacers got Danny Granger back along with Luis Scola on the bench. Will the intensity continue?

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers: October 31st

Which team is better in California? We will get to see how the Warriors look like with Igoudala and how the standings may look like in the West. 

Hope you like my blog post and comment on which game YOU are most excited for!

NBA Schedule 2013-14

The NBA schedule was released a couple of hours ago with some great games on many days such as opening night and Christmas Day. Let's highlight all the major games that YOU should watch! All times Eastern

Bulls-Heat: October 29th on TNT 8PM 

Clippers-Lakers: October 29th on TNT 10:30 PM 

Nets-Cavs: October 30th on NBA TV 7 PM

Bobcats-Rockets: October 30th on NBALP 8PM

Knicks-Bulls: October 31st on TNT 8PM

Heat-Nets: November 1st on ESPN 8PM

Christmas Day:

Bulls-Nets: ESPN 12PM

Thunder-Knicks: ABC 2:30 PM

Heat-Lakers: ABC 5:00 PM

Rockets-Spurs: ESPN 8:00 PM

Clippers-Warriors: ESPN 10:30 PM


Nets-Knicks: ESPN 2:30 PM

Lakers-Bulls: TNT 8:00 PM 

Pacers-Warriors: TNT 10:30 PM

Other Notable Games

Rockets-Lakers: Feb.19

Nets-Celtics: Jan.26

Clippers-Celtics: Dec.11

Spurs-Heat: Jan.26

Heat-Pacers: Dec.10

Hope you liked my post and comment on which game you are most excited for!